Your computer VIRUS affected?

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To Know whether the Computer system is
affected from Viruses Or Not
Here Are the signs To know whether your PC
is Having Infected the virus attacked

1) Hold Windows Logo Key and Press R key if
the Run Option is missing then your PC is
infected from Sality virus
2) Go to "My Computer" and Click The Tool
from Menu and If Folder Option is missing
then your PC is Infected from Autorun.inf
3) Go to Start Menu and Type Cmd and Open
If its does not access means Your PC is
infected from Hidden Rootkit
4) Go to C:/ and The Font of Windows and
Program is BOLD Then your PC attacked by
Trojan Horse
5) Go to My Computer and Double click on
any Drive example D:
If the Drive is opens in new window then your
PC is Infected from win32 virus
6) If in Case your desktop Icon is invisible
After 2 to 3 minutes then your System is
infected from Desktop.exe Virus
7) Go to My Computer and go to D; or E;
Volume Drive and if there were Two folders of
same Name/Size/Files and Data ..its Means
your Pc is Infected from .EXE viruses

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