Let's Call Free.....

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Here is a amazing app for you to make unlimited call over India. By this app you can call any person in India without spending a single paisa... :)

Requirements: All you require is an android mobile.....

lets make through.... Visit us for more updates...

Flipcall: Low-cost Calls is a new android app introduced. You can use this to call anybody around the world.

How to use Flipcall

$tep 1: First download flipcall from googleplay https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flipcall&hl=en

$tep 2: Enter your details and register on it.

$tep 3: This app gives you singup bonus of 1$(61 rs). Each call costs 0.53 paise only.

You can call till this balance gets off.

How to Get Unlimited call from Flipcall

After your balance goes to 0 rs Do the following steps:

go to Settings in your mobile  > App manager > Flipcall > Then clear the data .....

Now again singup by providing your number and enjoy another 1$ (60 minutes) :)

Also find  recharge offers here http://allstuffsforyou.wordpress.com/2014/10/21/get-50rs-free-recharge/

Stay connected. Happy reading  :)