Be active 24hrs in FB without Internet

Hello Tech stuffs readers,

Facebook is a trending social media between the youth's nowadays. We spend more time on facebook every day. Sometimes it gets bored but still we love to be online.

We all came to know that facebook has updated its privacy policy. But there are something new we left unidentified with that.

The thing I noticed yesterday. Those who use "facebook for every mobile" app for logins and in any app if you login your facebook it shows online. Before if you turn your chat off then you wont be seen on chat list.

But now If you even turn off your chat you are shown online on this mobile app (Not in messenger).

At the same time if you close your browser without logging out it wont shows active, for users. But now if you shut your browsers or switch off your internet connection without logging out you are shown as active. You may search the name and find it.

Enjoy this. So just switch off your internet without logging out from your browser and be active for all days

Happy reading .........

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