Tuesday has one second extra!! What will happen to Internet?

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This Tuesday, a single second will be added to clocks around the world to help counter Earth’s rotation slowing down.

Called a “leap second,” it has been added approximately every 18 months since 1972 to rectify ‘lost’ time from the slowing rotation, ensuring that the atomic clock is in sync with Earth.
Humans can handle the additional second without even being aware of it, but computers aren’t quite accustomed to the path of time suddenly changing.
A leap second was last added to the clock in 2012, during a weekend, which wreaked havoc online.
It caused Reddit, Foursquare, Yelp, LinkedIn, Gawker and StumbleUpon to be knocked offline entirely, as well as hundreds of flights to be delayed in Australia.

Many issues were caused by a bug in the Network Time Protocol used to keep Linux system clocks in sync. The flaw caused NTP to lock up some systems entirely, requiring a reboot before they could recover.

When the leap second comes around, it means the system clock sees an additional figure, like so:

2011-12-31 23.59.57
2011-12-31 23.59.58
2011-12-31 23.59.59
2011-12-31 23.59.60 <– leap second
2012-01-01 00.00.00
2012-01-01 00.00.01
2012-01-01 00.00.02

The second will be inserted into network time services at the exact same moment worldwide, on June 30th at 23:59:60 UTC.

This time around it’s critical that businesses are ready, with the leap second being added during a time when trading on stock markets is open.

Some businesses are ready for the leap second to be added, like Google and Amazon, which adjust server clocks gradually over a number of weeks so that it’s not a sudden change.

Others that rely on time-critical systems — like stock markets and utilities — are nervous about it going wrong. A single second of downtime for a stock market means up to $4.6 million could be lost.

Linux systems shouldn’t break tomorrow — the bug that affected them last time has since been resolved, along with other issues found in Java and other operating systems.

The leap second is mostly a headache for system administrators who need to ensure their services are highly available and need to plan how to handle the change. Hardware providers such as Cisco now provide detailed advice on how their hardware handles the leap second, but the side effects are unpredictable.

Leap seconds might not be around for much longer with the International Telecommunications Union planning to vote on a proposal to eliminate the leap second in November 2015.

Redirect to any website using Google

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Google redirect exploit is very popular in web world. It seems like a simple link for Google page but when user click on that link they get redirected to other webpage which may contain spam or other exploits.
You can simply build your own google redirect exploit, you dont need any special tool or programming for this exploit.
Today I will show you to make google link that redirects you to any webpage you wish. This url will start with www.google.com and followed with some characters and symbols. You can trick users to visit your site by changing your webpage url that look like google. As no one will doubt google. 
so lets get into it

How to enable copy paste in CMD Windows

              Hello Users!! By Default Windows do not allow users to Copy text and Paste it in Command prompt Or Copy text from Command prompt and paste it elsewhere. But there is an option in CMD itself to enable Copy & Paste Text in Windows Command Prompt.
             Today in this tutorial we will learn how to Enable Copying and Pasting Texts in Windows Command prompt. One of the main advantage of this will be that you can copy any command that you find on the internet or from any word/excel file and paste it directly in CMD and execute that command just like that.

How to increase laptop battery life

One of the most critical parts of your laptop is its battery. If the battery wears out, the laptop just doesn’t seem usable at all. The speed goes for a toss and the heating goes so high that you can start using the laptop as a heater as well.
While people will recommend you to change your laptop battery frequently, its advisable that you use your current laptop battery to its maximum potential before going for the new one. In this article, I will tell you how to maximise the efficiency of your laptop battery so that you can take it that extra mile before getting a new battery altogether.

Lets get right into it –

Prank Calling - Tips and Tricks

Hello Users!! One of the oldest pranks in the book is prank calling. Prank calling has been around for a very long time , and no matter how often you do it, it never gets stale. Prank calling has its types, one where you call someone you know from an unknown number and confuse the hell out of him or her. The other is to use an unknown number to call an unknown person. Now, while all this sounds easy and entertaining, the prank does not necessarily go down well with the victims. While some take it sportingly, there are few who go as far as threatening legal action over you. So, before I start this tutorial, keep in mind, that the trick I am sharing is traceable, and I am not responsible for any damage or hard feeling caused due to this. With that on the record, lets begin –

Feature's you gonna miss in Windows 10

Hello readers!! As July 29, the release of Windows 10 comes closer, new features and functions are making their appearance each day. But there are some features from your Windows 7 and Windows 8 PC that will no longer work when you’ll upgrade your PC to Windows 10.
In this article, we try to mention some of the worst sacrifices that you’ll be making with Windows 10.

Find if anyone has logged into your Computer without Permission

Hello readers, today let us know how to know Who logged into your Computer and When?

In Windows, there is one in-built too will records all events in your computer called “Event Viewer”. This application records all your computer activities from login to log off etc.

How to hide your IP Address?

              Every computer on the Internet has a unique IP address allotted to it which makes it possible to trace it back to its exact location. Even though the concept of IP address has been designed for its transparency and traceability, in some cases this questions the privacy of the Internet users where one would not like to reveal his/her identity to the outside world.
Well, if you are one such person who is in search of ways to hide your IP address, then you are at the right place. In this post, I will discuss some of the easy and popular ways to mask your IP address so that your identity and privacy is kept safe.
Why Hide IP Address?
The following are some of the common reasons why people want to mask their IP address online:

Format pendrive using CMD – How to guide

Formatting is a valuable and essential tool when dealing with any type of storage disk and can help to solve a lot of errors and headaches. But what do you do if your USB flash drive needs to be formatted but, every time you try through the property menus it comes up with an error, or won’t even recognise the drive properly at all. Don’t despair because here is something you can do.
Format pendrive using cmd  is a common process that may need to be undertaken quite frequently, but unless you have gone through this procedure before it can be a mine field. The last thing you want is to finish the process and end up with an unusable pendrive . Here is a quick step by step guide to Format pendrive using cmd
                              STEPS TO FORMAT PENDRIVE USING                             
This guide formats your flash drive as FAT32, to format as NTFS simply substitute the term in the command box. FAT32 is the recommended formatting style by this guide but many do prefer NTFS. Follow the Below steps to Format an unformatable Pendrive.
Step 1. Turn on computer as normal
Step 2. Once you are in your desktop insert Pendrive into USB port
Please note: if you know the letters associated with your disk locations or can use a utility such as disk part to list this information then skip steps 3 and 4
Step 3. Go into my computer (accessible from the start menu or desktop) and look down the navigation panel on the left hand side, this lists down to the popular and root menu folders and locations on your computer.
Step 4. Your Pendrive should be listed in one of these locations, it may be referred to by brand, as portable storage or something similar. Next to this label will be a letter,
For example “G: removable storage device ” if the device does not show up you may need to test the port to find the letter with another USB device. This letter needs to be written down or remembered in order to complete this process.
Step 5. Go to the windows start menu, click start or the Windows symbol depending on your edition of Windows, then click run.
Step 6. Type cmd into the run dialog box and click OK, this is to start the command prompt window from which you will be able to choose your format style and name your drive.

Step 7. Then the command prompt window is opened and you will need to type “ Format G: ”

if you want to Format it as FAT32  then type ” Format G: /FS: FAT32 ”

Step 8. The G in this instance refers to our example Pendrive location, instead you would enter the letter that you remembered or wrote down from the mycomputer side panel
After you have typed the above command press enter.
Step 9. Here, you will be asked to press enter again and then to give a name for your drive. Follow these prompts then click on enter again.

You have completed the process of Formating pendrive using cmd; go back into my computer to check that the formatting has been completed successfully.

Secret Hacking Codes for iPhone

            Hello TechStuff users here is another post which excites you most. Every day there are new mobiles launching in world. But still iPhone has its strike towards the people community. Here are some hacking codes for iPhone 4 or 4s

Secret Hacking Codes for iPhone


Use to verify if call waiting is enabled

3 Steps to show hidden files caused by virus infection

We do believe that everyone have experience with computer viruses and most of it is bad experience. Today we will share 3 Steps to Show Hidden Files Caused by Virus Infections. This tips and trick purpose is to help you who have difficulties showing hidden files because of virus infection.

This tips and trick is for Windows users, because most virus in the wild is targeting Windows operating system since they have the largest users in the world.


  •  Command prompt

3 Steps to Show Hidden Files Caused by Virus Infections :

Download windows 8, 8.1 legally without Product key

Installing a fresh Windows 8.1 hasn’t been the easiest thing in the world till now as Windows 8 users needed a licensed product key for upgrading their systems to the latest version of Windows operating system. Other problems were you couldn’t use your old Windows 8 key to install Windows 8.1 or choose the installation architecture.

To solve these trifling issues, Microsoft has quietly released a tool that solves all of them. This tool is called Windows Installation Media Creation Tool. This applies for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 How to use this tool to download Windows 8.1 Pro legally without product key is pretty straightforward and simple but here’s how to do this:

Download Windows 8.1 Pro Legally Without Product Key: