How to increase laptop battery life

One of the most critical parts of your laptop is its battery. If the battery wears out, the laptop just doesn’t seem usable at all. The speed goes for a toss and the heating goes so high that you can start using the laptop as a heater as well.
While people will recommend you to change your laptop battery frequently, its advisable that you use your current laptop battery to its maximum potential before going for the new one. In this article, I will tell you how to maximise the efficiency of your laptop battery so that you can take it that extra mile before getting a new battery altogether.

Lets get right into it –

Make sure you Defrag – Defrag is short for defragmentation. Basically, when you install any new software, it does not occupy continuous memory locations , thus leaving those in between unoccupied and unaccessible. In effect, you end up giving more memory to the new program than what is advisable. In order to free up the extra space, go to my computer and run the in built defragment program. This will reduce the load on your hard disk and in turn improve the laptop battery life. Tips to Keep Your Hard Disk in Pristine Order

Adjust Screen Brightness – Screen Brightness has a direct impact on your laptop battery life. If your screen brightness is at maximum, then the laptop need s that much more power to amp up the display, in which case, the battery drains faster than usual. Make sure you set the brightness to a standard level, or you may also choose to set your laptop screen brightness to power saver mode in case your battery is getting a bit old.

Close background programs – There are a few programs that keep running in the background, even after you close them in the foreground. In such cases, the CPU must invest more power in order to keep those background processes going. MAke sure you close all background applications in order to save on that extra power and your battery life.

Remove all external devices – Make sure you disconnect all USB and other external devices from your laptop as they are responsible for a lot of drain in your battery life.
Increase RAM – Most laptops these days have an extra RAM slot on their motherboard. This slot can be utilised to expand your RAM , which will result in better multitasking and thus save your Laptop’s battery life..

Use Hard-disk instead of CD/DVD – Try and accomplish all your tasks via hard disks . This is because when you use something like a CD or DVD, the laptop uses more power and thus , more battery is drained .

Clean Battery contacts – One of the easiest things you can do to to preserve your laptop battery is to regularly clean the battery connections . It is not a permanent solution but it does the trick most of the time.

Clean the Fan – The laptop loses a lot of power due to the operation to the battery. Make sure you keep the fan clean as dust on the fan can not only reduce your laptop battery life, but they also stand a chance of spoiling the motherboard, as well. Keeping the fan clean and avoid any such mishaps.

Hibernate over study – Whenever you feel the need to close your laptop for a while, then make sure you put it in hibernate mode instead of standby mode. While standby mode does save a lot of power, the Hibernate mode does an overall better job.

Keep your gaming in check – Games hog a lot of power and in turn a lot of battery. Make sure you play games while pacing your laptop battery at the same time. if you don’t your battery’s true potential will not be achieved at all. Rather, your battery will run out faster than its rating itself.

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