Prank Calling - Tips and Tricks

Hello Users!! One of the oldest pranks in the book is prank calling. Prank calling has been around for a very long time , and no matter how often you do it, it never gets stale. Prank calling has its types, one where you call someone you know from an unknown number and confuse the hell out of him or her. The other is to use an unknown number to call an unknown person. Now, while all this sounds easy and entertaining, the prank does not necessarily go down well with the victims. While some take it sportingly, there are few who go as far as threatening legal action over you. So, before I start this tutorial, keep in mind, that the trick I am sharing is traceable, and I am not responsible for any damage or hard feeling caused due to this. With that on the record, lets begin –

Download the VOXOX application, which is available on its official website. Now, the thing about this application is that it is available for all OS platforms, yes Windows Phone OS is included as well. Just make sure you download the right version of the app, otherwise, the app will not work.
Once you download the app, install it using the on-screen instructions. Just make sure you enter the country code in the caller ID section or you cannot use the number ( for eg. Indian users should include +91 country code)
Once the installation process is done, register for the free account, which usually rewards you with a $1 credit. Make sure you enter your details in originality while registering. Once you get the registration done, you will be greeted by a dial pad.
Here, you can play around with the various options. The speciality of this app is that, you can change the caller ID as many times as you want. This means, you can call any number in the whole world. All you have to do is input the correct country code , and then the mobile number.

As I have mentioned already, this app is compatible with all OS platforms, so the procedure is the same for all of them. Just use caution and don’t push the joke too far. Remember that this app is traceable, and you could fall into trouble if you go too far. Take adequate precautions, and Happy Pranking !

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