Secret Hacking Codes for iPhone

            Hello TechStuff users here is another post which excites you most. Every day there are new mobiles launching in world. But still iPhone has its strike towards the people community. Here are some hacking codes for iPhone 4 or 4s

Secret Hacking Codes for iPhone


Use to verify if call waiting is enabled

Verify the number for unanswered calls
Get your data usage information.
Options to make payments. Its operator specific.

Verify the number for call forwarding if no service is available.
Verify the number for call forwarding if phone is busy
To verify whether barring is enabled or disabled for outgoing
To display the settings for your call forwarding
Enters Field mode which allows you to access most of the hidden settings and functions of your iPhone.
This shows whether you have enabled or disabled the presentation of the calling line, presumably the number of the party placing the call.
State whether the connected line presentation is enabled or disabled. Similar to the calling line presentation.
Display the IMEI of your iPhone, as always this is the standard code for all brands of phones.
Display’s the account balance for postpaid contracts.

Display’s the account balance for prepaid accounts.
Displays the remaining minutes available.
Dials customer service, (114 in RSA for Vodacom). Its operator specific.

Note: This is the list of all iPhone codes available till now in market. If hope we haven’t even missed the one. If still you are able to find any extra hack code for iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S then don’t hesitate in sharing. Love to Share..

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