Here comes God Father of WANNACRY

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Eternal Rocks - The God Father

So at ths moment everyone shouting out wannacry, wannacry wannacry, that too almost 150 countries being affected by wannacry, Here comes the God Father of Wannacry - "EternalRocks"

So what is this?

We all know Wannacry is a frightening trojan, an ransomeware which is spreading around. So what is this EternalRocks?

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EternalRocks - The BiG Boss

This EternalRocks is similar to Wannacry but this is more frightening than that. Yes!! This eternalrocks is a new malware which exploits same vulnerability as Wannacry and it is very stronger than the latter. 
boss of wannacry - eternalrocks

This EternalRocks as similar to wannacry, uses "EternalBlue" a tool from NSA to spread itself from one computer to another. In addition to that it also utilizes other NSA tools to make it spread faster than wannacry.

So how to protect from it? Here are few tips from our side.

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