Remove all your information From Truecaller Database

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Hello readers!! Here is a shocking news for you. Your phone number as well as your identity is stolen. Yes its true. The true caller database has been hacked by Syrian hackers. They stole around 10 lakhs Indian profiles. Your information can also be at stake. Here is he article that is been released in the times of India regarding the hacking of truecaller database..

Ok now we teach you how to remove your number and details from the app. So that, you may protect it as soon as possible. Do you think just uninstalling the app protects you and your information. If you are not a techie guy/gal then please know this. App is just a medium to help you and earn. All the details login etc is stored in a database. Even this post information is also going to store in a database which is allocated by google for So to remove your details, please Follow the below steps..

Step 1. First open your true caller app.
Step 2. Press on the people icon in the upper left corner
Step 3. Click Settings
Step 4. Click About
Step 5. Click the Deactivate account.

Howdy!! You just deactivated your account. But your information is still in their database. How to remove it?

Follow these steps to remove your number and details fully from their database. Here is a image tutorial for you.
Click this link 

Next type your number followed by the country code  (+91 for India)

Select any reason. Just select “I do not want people to see my name when I make a call”

Leave the other untouched. Write the verification code as shown. (Case Sensitive)

Then click unlist. That’s it ..

You are done with this. Your all information currently from the database will be cleared and your personal information will be safe.

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Get free Domains!!

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Hello readers today I am going to post one thing which will be very helpful to many bloggers and others. Do you want to pay for buying a domain? No! Not at all.

Get free domains with different extensions here.

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Learn Python for free

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Python to specialize

Hi coders!

Here is a opportunity for you all to learn another programming language for free.

What is PYTHON?

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented programming language similar to PERL, that has gained popularity because of its clear syntax and readability.

Learn Python here

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Download Videos from popular sites without any software

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I just wanna keep my tongue to the point. No more stories :v. Want to download videos from popular websites like youtube, vimeo, dailymotion etc.,

Just follow the steps. No software's required.

Step 1:
First copy the link of the video you want to watch

Step 2:
Now go to site by clicking here

Step 3:
Now paste the link in the box and proceed.

Step 4:
Click the download button. That's it you are done.

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How to get free genuine windows 10 even if you don't have windows 7 or 8

              It’s an old news that Windows 10 will be available as a free download to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. This upgrade will be available to the users free of cost if they will avail this upgrade offer within one year starting from July 29. Now what if you don’t have Windows 8 or 7 and you want to get your hands on Windows 10?

According to a new process highlighted by Microsoft in a new blog post, you can avail free Windows 10 without Windows 7 or 8. If you are running the Insider Preview of Windows 10, build number 10130, you will be able to get the final release build on July 29 and further releases. Microsoft highlights that this version will be genuine.

Set up VPN on android devices (No Software Needed)


              Hello readers!! Usually public Wi-Fi networks seem really convenient don’t they! Whether you are at McDonald’s (or just any other food joint offering an open Wi-Fi network for that sake), roaming around your college campus, just one tap of a button on your smartphone and voila the power of an internet connection rests in your hands.

With hackers and in fact sometimes our own governments lurking around, looking for just one opportunity to steal your data, you might want to give serious reconsideration before connecting. Somehow the idea of my bank credentials and personal information resting in someone else’s hands doesn’t seem to be very enthralling to me.

So how to overcome this problem? Simple just configure a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
A VPN would allow you to connect your device up to a secure connection to another network over the internet. In fact you can use it to access your home/company network while you are away, download apps which are not available in your country or simply keep your browsing and data secure over the public network.

Tuesday has one second extra!! What will happen to Internet?

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This Tuesday, a single second will be added to clocks around the world to help counter Earth’s rotation slowing down.

Called a “leap second,” it has been added approximately every 18 months since 1972 to rectify ‘lost’ time from the slowing rotation, ensuring that the atomic clock is in sync with Earth.
Humans can handle the additional second without even being aware of it, but computers aren’t quite accustomed to the path of time suddenly changing.
A leap second was last added to the clock in 2012, during a weekend, which wreaked havoc online.
It caused Reddit, Foursquare, Yelp, LinkedIn, Gawker and StumbleUpon to be knocked offline entirely, as well as hundreds of flights to be delayed in Australia.

Many issues were caused by a bug in the Network Time Protocol used to keep Linux system clocks in sync. The flaw caused NTP to lock up some systems entirely, requiring a reboot before they could recover.

When the leap second comes around, it means the system clock sees an additional figure, like so:

2011-12-31 23.59.57
2011-12-31 23.59.58
2011-12-31 23.59.59
2011-12-31 23.59.60 <– leap second
2012-01-01 00.00.00
2012-01-01 00.00.01
2012-01-01 00.00.02

The second will be inserted into network time services at the exact same moment worldwide, on June 30th at 23:59:60 UTC.

This time around it’s critical that businesses are ready, with the leap second being added during a time when trading on stock markets is open.

Some businesses are ready for the leap second to be added, like Google and Amazon, which adjust server clocks gradually over a number of weeks so that it’s not a sudden change.

Others that rely on time-critical systems — like stock markets and utilities — are nervous about it going wrong. A single second of downtime for a stock market means up to $4.6 million could be lost.

Linux systems shouldn’t break tomorrow — the bug that affected them last time has since been resolved, along with other issues found in Java and other operating systems.

The leap second is mostly a headache for system administrators who need to ensure their services are highly available and need to plan how to handle the change. Hardware providers such as Cisco now provide detailed advice on how their hardware handles the leap second, but the side effects are unpredictable.

Leap seconds might not be around for much longer with the International Telecommunications Union planning to vote on a proposal to eliminate the leap second in November 2015.

Redirect to any website using Google

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Google redirect exploit is very popular in web world. It seems like a simple link for Google page but when user click on that link they get redirected to other webpage which may contain spam or other exploits.
You can simply build your own google redirect exploit, you dont need any special tool or programming for this exploit.
Today I will show you to make google link that redirects you to any webpage you wish. This url will start with and followed with some characters and symbols. You can trick users to visit your site by changing your webpage url that look like google. As no one will doubt google. 
so lets get into it